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Apple Classroom - A Tool for Teaching (Now available on Mac)

If you have not yet tapped into the power of Apple Classroom in your work with students, it is time to see what is possible. Many Waukesha teachers use Apple Classroom, setting a tone for how technology will be utilized in their classroom to maintain focus, ease transitions, increase efficiency, and observe student use of technology.

Already an Apple Classroom user? We have good news for you as well in this post - you can now use it on your Mac! (Read below to see how.)

Let's start with a quiz to determine if you are using the great TEACHING features in Apple Classroom!

Learning What Apple Classroom Can Do 

(And no, is not the same as Google Classroom)

Apple Classroom, probably better named Apple Classroom Manager, is a tool that allows teachers to see what is happening on all student iPads in their classroom, to open apps, websites, and files on student devices, and to lock specific students, groups, or an entire class into apps (or just lock down the iPad while you provide instruction). It empowers the teacher as it aids in classroom efficiency and helps to keep students on task.  Take a few minutes to see what this powerful tool can offer in the way of supporting classroom management of iPads.

Apple Classroom does not replace Google Classroom or Blackboard. It is a different tool serving a different purpose for teachers.

Getting started is the most technical part of using the tool, and even that is a quick setup. The good news is we have plenty of guides and tutorials to get you started with Apple Classroom in a short time. Our newest Getting Started with Apple Classroom one-page guide brings all of the information together in one place.

Learn How to Create Rosters

Our blog post for creating rosters in Apple Classroom is all you need to get started with Apple Classroom in the School District of Waukesha.  Class lists can be created for unique groups of students manually, or educators can use the Intranet - Apple Classroom tool to create classes based on the course rosters in Infinite Campus.

Either way, you can create Apple Classroom courses today, and be ready to use them within several hours with students.

Using Apple Classroom with Students

There are only four things needed to use Apple Classroom with Students:

  1. Students must be in Apple Classroom class rosters, and the teacher must be assigned to that roster (see above)
  2. Teachers must be on the iPad or ON THE MAC with bluetooth turned on, and students must have bluetooth turned on
  3. Teachers must download the Apple Classroom app from Self Service on their iPad or on their Mac (not students)
  4. Students must be within the immediate vicinity of the teacher (approximately 40 ft. or less)
With those criterion met, you can begin taking control of your 1:1 iPad environment while guiding student learning, feel empowered by knowing what is happening on student devices, and get excited about all of the ways you can use technology to support student learning.

Apple Classroom on the Mac

We love Apple Classroom on the iPad. It is truly the BEST way to be mobile, interacting with students, while also keeping an eye on student use of their technology to direct teaching and learning.

Sometimes, though, having Apple Classroom available from the Mac would be helpful. Recently Apple launched the Mac compatible version. You can now do all of the same things you love to do with Apple Classroom right on your Mac.

1. Click your Launchpad
on the Mac
2. Click on Self Service on the Mac

3. Click Apple Apps in Self Service and
Install Apple Classroom on the Mac

To download the Mac app:
1. Visit Self Service on the Mac. It can be found by clicking on your Launchpad. 
2. Once you click on Launchpad, you will need to open Self Service.
3. Click Apple Apps and click "Install" underneath Apple Classroom


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