Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Keep It Easy: Linking to Google Classroom Assignments in Blackboard

Google Classroom simplifies so many tasks for teachers and students in a 1:1 classroom. It immediately saves teachers time and headaches in all that it does to support digital teaching and learning.

Using Blackboard simplifies for parents, students, and teachers where content, announcements, and coursework is located. One web address can takes everybody to exactly the courses and information they are looking for related to school.

These two tools can work in compliment of each other, and today's shortcut makes it EVEN EASIER for students to navigate between Blackboard and Google Classroom.

Placing a Link to Google Classroom Assignment in Blackboard

In order to collect digital work from students in Google Classroom, teachers must first create assignments (tutorial available here). Once they have that assignment created, some teachers wonder, "How do I get my students to this assignment in Google Classroom from Blackboard?"

Good news!  Google Classroom makes this very easy for teachers.

In Blackboard:

Use either the Web Link or Item tools. Both will work and it depends on which you prefer to use for creating links in Blackboard.

In Classroom:

In another window or tab on your browser open Google Classroom.  
  1. Identify the assignment you wish to link into Blackboard.
  2. Click the three dots located in the upper right of the assignment
  3. Click "Copy Link" from the drop-down menu that appears

This will copy the link to this specific Google Classroom assignment to your clipboard.

Back In Blackboard:

Use either right click or Command+V (Control+V on a PC) to paste the Google Classroom assignment link right into your Web Link or Item in Blackboard.  Then add any other information to your Web Link or Item, and click "Submit" to save it in Blackboard.

Now, when your students come to the assignment in your Blackboard course, they can click on the link and it will open the assignment in Google Classroom (and yes, it works on an iPad well, opening in the Google Classroom app).

This is a wonderful way to keep Blackboard your primary "launch point" for students (and parents/guardians) and still get all of the functionality and use out of Google Classroom.