Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TDP 101 &; 102 &; 103...

This past week a record setting 26 participants, showcasing 33 completed classes gathered to share their learning!

One of the things that the ITC team has been able to develop and make available to staff over the past two years are the Self-Paced TDP Technology Classes. These are professional learning courses designed to fit the busy lives of staff by delivering opportunities to learn wherever staff members are, on demand.  In addition, it showcases the possibilities of blended learning that could be made possible to our students using Blackboard. There are currently seven active classes with additional offerings in the planning stages. These classes have been taken over 100 times since September to meet staff needs for professional development! Classes can be taken for Viterbo credit or audit and help meet new teacher credit requirements.

Each month, when the completion showcase is held (the only face-to-face component of the class), we are amazed by the willingness of staff to share their discoveries as they navigated the classes. Fabulous conversations are held, ideas exchanged, new friends and collaborators made, and an overall "I can do this..." attitude shared. It is impressive to see the growth in our staff's ability to learn in an online environment and to direct their own growth. The wealth of learning and ideas shared is a fabulous enhancement to the actual class content. We truly learn from each other and walk away with additional ideas for implementation in our own instruction!

Consider registering for a Technology TDP class and continue your learning this summer! We hope to have you join us at an upcoming showcase session!

Begin your new adventure here: http://goo.gl/VkW76t