Friday, May 26, 2017

Analyze the Results: Spring 2017 Technology Profile Data Reports Available

The response to the Spring 2017 Staff Technology Survey was once again overwhelming with 758 staff members completing the survey.  Thank you!

This data, which is available in the SDW Staff Tech Survey Data Center, is meaningful and useful in many ways, from planning professional learning opportunities (at the building and district levels) to determining what technology skills and beliefs our staff already hold. Spring data is important because it helps us determine what professional learning steps moved the needle, and where we need to focus for the upcoming year.

It also helps us to look at trends of professional practice and professional beliefs about the use of tech.

Using The Data

Leaders across the district will find this data informative and useful. With sections that focus on culture, learning preferences, skills, dispositions, and SDW-specific tools, there is a lot we can take from the data in the reports.  This video demonstrates where you can find some of this data in the report.

Comparing the Data

Laying out reports side-by-side to compare data is one way of comparing data. While we are working on some new ways to look at the data in the future, we have created a Google Sheet that you can easily type data into to make side-by-side comparisons over time.

The Technology Survey Growth Template Google Sheet is available here. Make a copy, enter your data and start determining your building's data story.

Finally, below you can see the SDW District Data Story in the infographic below. This may give you another comparison to determine how your building is doing compared to the district