Friday, April 7, 2017

Streamline Communications with Yet Another Mail Merge

One of the things that we love about Google Apps (Forms, Sheets, Docs, Gmail, etc.) is that it provides a platform of tools that can work together. Guest blogger Jean Wohlers from Hawthorne STEM shares one way that she uses these tools to streamline communication.
Yet Another Mail Merge is an add-on
that needs to be installed by users.

Jean showcases what she is doing with the Yet Another Mail Merge add-on for Google Sheets in her guest blog.

Yet Another Mail Merge to Streamline Communication

Jean Wohlers
Administrative Assistant
Guest blogger Jean Wohlers

Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) is an email merge utility that works with Google Sheets and Gmail. This add-on to Google Sheets works great for sending out personalized emails with information that is specific to each recipient!  The School District has a subscription to YAMM that will allow you to send up to 1500 personalized email messages per day.

The options for the use of Yet Another Mail Merge is endless!  We use YAMM in the main office to send out homeroom assignments before school starts in the fall, to send out YouCanBook.Me (another awesome tool we have access to in the SDW!) links for parents to sign up for Fall and Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences, etc.  

YAMM is available from the Add-ons
tab in Google Sheets. If you do not
see it in your list, click "Get Add-ons"
Teachers can use YAMM in the classroom to send out personalized messages to families/students.  YAMM will even keep track of the status of your email messages, showing if they are Sent/Opened/Bounced.  

All you need to use Yet Another Mail Merge is your information in a Google Sheet and an Email draft. (Or you can use a predesigned template). For teachers that use Google Forms, your data is already in a Google Sheet, or can easily be placed in a Google Sheet,. Imagine how easy it would be send students feedback from data you have collected using Google Forms using YAMM.  See this website for more information.

Learn to Use Yet Another Mail Merge

Jean has created this tutorial to help users get started with YAMM.