Friday, March 24, 2017

Side-by-Side Browser Windows on Mac

Adding five seconds to your work time as you fumble around your Mac desktop looking for the right browser window may not seem like a major distraction, but over time those five seconds, accumulated many times a day/week can add up. 

Your computer has tools to make your work more efficient, and that's what we are highlighting today.

So, if your desktop has ever looked like the photo at right, and you've had to move and minimize and dig through windows to find the right window on your Mac, try this tip out to make your work a little more efficient.

You can easily set two browser windows side-by-side so you can see both at the same time. Here's how.

Click Command + hold on Green Ball
Step 1.  Hold down the Command key, and click and hold on the green ball (maximize) in the upper left of the window.  (You'll have to hold for about two seconds.)

Step 2: If done correctly, you will see a light blue box appear on the left side of the screen. Let go of the Command key and mouse and it will snap to the light blue window.

Side-by-side browser windows
Step 3: Any other browser windows will appear in the right. Click on the other browser window you want to see and it will snap to the right side of the screen.