Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Quick Fixes to Try with a Cranky Apple TV

When Apple TVs work they can positively change the way teaching happens in our classroom.  And when they don't -- well, it can be frustrating.

If you cannot project to an Apple TV in your classroom, there are a few things you can try before submitting a ticket for support. 

Turn Off Bluetooth on Your Device

Bluetooth does not need to be on for Apple TVs to work at school. Turning it off eliminates one possible issue that may exist.

Here's how:

Turn Wireless Off and Back On on Your Device

If your Apple TV isn't appearing in the list, turning the wireless off on the device, then turning it back on forces your device to search for Apple TVs nearby again. This will often allow the Apple TV to re-appear in your list when you want to AirPlay.

Here's how:

Restart Your Device

Sometimes our tech needs a reset. While it may hurt to close down your browser with all of your critical tabs, it is important that we regularly restart our devices. Power them down. Power them back up. Check to see if AirPlay works.

Update Your Device

Technology updates are a part of our lives. If your device has not been updated recently, take some time after school or on a weekend to update the device. It can take some time, so be sure to do this when you do not need your device immediately. Updating overnight is an excellent idea!  

Pro Tip: 
Before updating, always be sure to make sure your CRITICAL files are backed up. We typically recommend putting them in Google Drive!

Here's how:

The Apple TV is STILL Not Working!

Okay, on to the Apple TV for just a few tweaks before we submit a help ticket.

Turn Bluetooth Off on Apple TV

Just like your device, your Apple TV does NOT need Bluetooth turned on to find devices. In fact, it can get in the way and cause problems. Turning Bluetooth off on your Apple TV is an important step that may solve the issue.

Here's how:

With the Apple TV remote:

1. Go to Settings
2. Click on General
3. Click on Bluetooth
4. Click "Off"

Restart Your Apple TV

Grab an Apple TV remote (any Apple TV remote...they work for all models) and restart your Apple TV.  Some people say unplug the Apple TV, but this restart should do about the same thing.

Here's how:

Check for Hanging Wires
It may be hard to believe, but sometimes students (and sometimes adults) pull apart connections for varying reasons. And they do not always leave things as they found them!  Just take a look at the back of your projector/tv. Is there anything hanging there that seems like it should be plugged in?
Is this unplugged? (It's an HDMI cable.)
Or is this unplugged? (It's a VGA cable.)

If you see these cables hanging from the projector or Apple TV and not connected, this may be the root of the problem. You can try plugging them in, or you can file a Help Desk ticket if you are unsure if this is the issue or require assistance.

Time for a Help Desk Ticket

You have done what you can. It's time to submit a Help Desk ticket. It is worth mentioning anything that you tried from the above list. This may speed the process along and helps the tech assigned to the ticket to know what steps to take next.

And Remember...

Your Apple TV should work! Do not accept it not working properly. The SDW Technology Department wants to help you get your Apple TV working reliably.  If you are unable to get your Apple TV to work, don't just avoid using it. Put in a ticket and let somebody know. The SDW Technology Department cannot fix issues that they do not know about.