Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Book Creator: The cloud might save you!

Why iCloud might matter in a Book Creator Publisher's world...

In a previous post, our team shared some information about backups for iPad apps like Book Creator, Notability, and iMovie. We were seeing learners lose months worth of digital work in these apps if something would happen to their iPad and they had not backed up. While some apps have a backup feature built in that can be enabled, others required the user to "publish" their work to Google Drive.

One app that caused the most headaches due to the "digital dog" eating work was Book Creator. However, thanks to a recent update, it now has the ability to backup books to iCloud Drive! While this exciting news may only SEEM exciting to me,  I promise, its really good news.

The ITC team tested this by ensuring a recent iCloud backup. Then we deleted the Book Creator App. After reinstalling from Self Service, the books that were in the original copy of the app slowly started to load in the Book Creator App and were available to download and continue being edited. So cool!

What does this mean? If a learner's iPad is logged into an iCloud account (under settings-iCloud) and have auto-backup turned on and working (this also means they need to have enough storage space), the iCloud Drive now includes the Book Creator App. Even learners in kindergarten, first,  and second grade, who fall under the managed Apple IDs, can be logged into iCloud for backups.

If you have not added your learners iCloud accounts, please contact your ITC team member for assistance.

(AND if you are seeing backups of Book Creator projects from other students in your classroom, it means that its time to move those devices over to a managed Apple ID. See your ITC team member for that as well!)