Thursday, February 16, 2017

Rockstar Stage Presentations - Marlene Figueroa - Incorporating Student Voice Using iBooks Author

Presentations from The Rockstar Stage

The One Conference 2017

The Rockstar Stage has become a favorite element of The One Conference for many as the focal point is on hearing directly from teachers and students regarding tips, tools, and inspirational messages about how they use technology in their classrooms. It is a celebration of our staff and students, giving them a few minutes in the spotlight to share their very best ideas!

Rockstar Stage Presenter: Marlene Figueroa

Marlene Figueroa
Banting Elementary Teacher
Marlene Figueroa is a 3rd grade Dual Language classroom teacher at Banting Elementary in the School District of Waukesha.

In this talk, Marlene shares how she turned the Waukesha history unit and bus tour, something that her students take part in each year, into a tour that featured their voices and research. Student research and writing was featured in the book and students tapped on the location markers in their iBooks as they reached the destinations on the bus tour.

Marlene did this using iBooks Author (available for the Mac) and had students share their research on assigned topics using Google Docs. Once students submitted their work, Marlene compiled all of the work into an iBook and shared it with students on their iPads. Once on the iPad, the iBook could go offline on the bus tour and students could still access the writing of their peers to gain a deeper understanding of Waukesha's unique history.