Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Rockstar Stage Presentations: Lisa Bence - Students Visualizing Data with Numbers

Presentations from The Rockstar Stage

The One Conference 2017

The Rockstar Stage has become a favorite element of The One Conference for many as the focal point is on hearing directly from teachers and students regarding tips, tools, and inspirational messages about how they use technology in their classrooms. It is a celebration of our staff and students, giving them a few minutes in the spotlight to share their very best ideas!

Lisa Bence - Banting Elementary Teacher

Rockstar Stage Presenter: Lisa Bence

Lisa Bence is a 3rd grade Dual Language classroom teacher at Banting Elementary in the School District of Waukesha.

In this talk Lisa shares how her students used the iPad app, Numbers (available on the iPad and on the Mac), to visualize data that they collected as they worked through a science experiment. Use of the visualized data in the app allowed students to make meaning out of data, and to visualize and predict for future trials within the experiment.

Lisa created a "template" in Numbers for students prior to beginning the experiments. The template included areas where students could enter trial information, as well as places that students could synthesize the data to make predictions. Lisa connected a graph to each table so students could see a visual representation of the data. This allowed students to spend time focusing on analyzing data, the intended learning outcome for this lesson, not on constructing graphs.