Friday, February 10, 2017

Launch Day! Stories from SDW Model Tech Classroom Teachers

Today we want to share with you the journey of some teachers who are investing the time and energy to become Model Tech Classrooms in Waukesha as they tell their own stories in their own words.

Using technology to shift how students learn, collaborate, create, and demonstrate what they know is not something that just magically happens. Teachers have to invest time and energy, take risks, and empower students to make tech use a meaningful part of the classroom.

Over a year ago, SDW Instructional Coach Lisa Lawrenz asked an essential question: "Why can't we have model classrooms for tech use, much like we have anchor classrooms for literacy and math?"

Sprouting from that idea has been the rise of the SDW Model Tech Classroom framework.  Over the past year teachers have been recommended to join the ranks of the Model Tech Classroom (MTC) to engage in work that is just beginning.

One commitment these teachers make as a part of the MTC is to blog about their journey. These blogs, all hosted here on the Journeys to Modification blog, are written when the teachers feel they have something they wish to share. They will continue to write blogs and share as a part of their supported journey with their coaches. The goals is to track their learning, their successes and struggles, and their overall journey to learning to use tech meaningfully in their classrooms.

We invite you to subscribe to the blog and follow along as new stories are posted as we work with our teachers aiming to becoming labeled as Model Tech Classrooms.

Follow the Stories by Teacher

One way to follow the stories posted on the Journeys to Modification blog are tagged by teacher.  If you'd like to follow posts from specific teachers, this can be a great way to track their posts over time.

Click the links below to see what each teacher has posted so far. More will come as these teachers work with their coaches and experience new ways to adopt technology within their classrooms.