Friday, February 10, 2017

Are You Missing Out on SDW Tech Inspiration and Support Videos? Subscribe!

We often hear staff members say, "How would I know this was possible with tech?", or "How would I know how to do that to solve the tech problem I'm having?"  

While Waukesha is a large district, there are many resources available that allow staff to receive anytime, anywhere tech support, tips, and use ideas delivered right to an email inbox!

Did you know:
  • In the last month the Instructional Technologies Coordinator team has uploaded seven new videos focused on tech tips, instructional technology support, and inspirational ideas for using tech in your classroom.
  • We have 441 videos focused on Waukesha specific tech tools, all available for review on our YouTube channel. These videos are regularly viewed by our 342 subscribers
  • In the last month, our videos have been viewed almost 4,500 times by people around the world for a total viewing time equivalent to 6 days and 18 hours (9,732 minutes viewed). (Apparently we have some consistent fans in Canada, Australia, and Malaysia.)

Wouldn't it be great if you were the first to know when we posted a new video to this channel? Think of the luxury of viewing a supportive or inspiring video that just appeared in your email inbox? 

All of the videos we post are generally created to answer questions, offer ideas, or inspire the use of tools staff and students already have access to in our district.

It can be that easy!

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