Monday, November 21, 2016

Hear All Students' Thoughts: Recording Audio Using Your iPad and GarageBand

There are many ways we can assess student thinking and understanding. The use of technology provides additional ways to do this more efficiently and creatively.

A simple audio recording of student thinking is one way to easily capture your student's thinking.
While a teacher could just as easily speak to students to capture a glimpse of their thinking, there are some clear advantages to having your students record their audio responses.
  • Review Student Thinking at Your Convenience
    • Students audio record their thinking, share it with their teacher via Google Drive or Classroom, and the teachers can review those audio files at a time more convenient than taking precious time in class to do so.
  • Hear the Thinking of All Students
    • For those students less inclined to take intellectual risks and share their thinking in front of peers, audio recording is one way to make sure teachers hear the thoughts of all students in the class.
  • Record Small Group Conversations
    • Breakout groups and turn-and-talk shoulder partners are effective ways to have students share their thinking with others, but the teacher generally misses the conversation (and the opportunity to assess student understanding). Have small groups record audio of their conversations, as both an accountability tool (making sure kids are staying on topic) and as a way to listen in on the conversations of each group.
  • Student Review of Thinking from Previous Lessons
    • While hearing a student's thinking today is valuable to the teacher, having students reflect on their own thinking from an earlier conversation/lesson may give students an opportunity to consider their growth and reflect on their opinions. This review of earlier thoughts (in a student's own words) is made easy with audio recordings stored in Google Drive.

Using GarageBand for Simple Audio Recording

If we have hooked you and you want to learn more about how to have your students create audio recordings using their iPads, you'll be happy to hear that the steps to make it happen in your classroom are quick and simple.

Your students (and you) will use GarageBand. GarageBand is available to SDW students and staff in the Self Service app free of charge.

If GarageBand seems intimidating (there is a lot it can do), this short instructional video will show you (and your students) how to easily set GarageBand up for simple audio recording. It will also demonstrate how to send GarageBand audio files to Google Drive for easy sharing and playback

Tutorial in GarageBand for iOS 11

Same Tutorial for older versions of GarageBand