Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Celebrating SDW's Growth in Technology Adoption

We want to pass along our most sincere gratitude for your continued willingness to help us understand how we are shifting in our thoughts and practices related to technology adoption in classrooms.  708 of our SDW staff members recently completed the Fall 2016 Technology Profile survey.

This data is meaningful and useful in many ways, from planning professional learning opportunities (at the building and district levels) to determining what technology skills and beliefs our staff already hold.

It also helps us to look at trends of professional practice and professional beliefs about the use of tech. And there is great news to share on that front.

Growth by the Numbers

Our staff's consistent investment of time and energy into learning how to best use these tools to support instruction is palpable across our system. Every day our Instructional Tech Coordinator team has opportunities to see growth in our staff, and to witness new approaches to teaching and learning that were not previously possible. While we can feel that shift, while we can see that shift, summing that growth up into hard data is difficult.  The responses from the SDW Technology Profile survey help us to do exactly that.

The great news is that the numbers show the growth that we can feel.  Below you will find an infographic that compares data from our first survey to our most recent survey.  The first Technology Profile was completed four year ago in Fall 2012. We had 724 respondents at that time. The most recent survey was in Fall of 2016 and we had 708 respondents.

Take a look for yourself. Help us to celebrate the professional growth! Share your key takeaways on Twitter using the #sdwone hashtag!