Friday, October 14, 2016

Be an Advocate: Updating iPads

Across the district teachers are pleased with some of the newest additions to the Waukesha One program to further support teaching and learning.  Whether it is greater functionality and reliability with Casper Focus, new features available in Apple Classroom, increased controls over acceptable apps, or the ability to request apps to be pushed directly to students in Self Service, there have been some significant changes.

To take full advantage of these changes, though, student and staff iPads should be updated to the newest iOS operating system as soon as possible.

Be an Update Advocate

First, make sure you serve as an example and update your staff device.

Next, we ask that staff members encourage students to update their iOS operating system as well. Many students take care of updates on their own. However, mentioning to students that updating is important will encourage even more students to take care of this important process.

While we do not advocate being the first person to download an update of software (for fear of data loss or unexpected bugs), several weeks after a new operating system is released, it is fairly safe and generally advantageous to update. We recommend doing so at this point for any recent releases.

Updating an iPad

There are a few key steps to remember when updating an operating system.

Back Up the Data

1. Make an iCloud backup of your device. Specific directions are available here.
2. Back up all important school work within apps (such as Book Creator, Notability, Explain Everything, etc.) to Google Drive. Sending this work to Google Drive will make it available for re-download after the update if needed.

Check the Charge Level

iPads typically will not update unless they are charged to over 50% or plugged in.

Initiate the Update

1. This will take some time. Set aside at least 20 min. or more where the iPad will not be needed.
2. Tap Settings > General > Software Update.
3. Tap Download and Install.
4. Respond to any on-screen prompts or need for a passcode.

Complete directions are available here.