Thursday, September 15, 2016

Creating Class Rosters for Use with Casper Focus or Apple Classroom

Classroom management in a technology rich classroom continues to be a commonly asked question within our district. And rightfully so... there are a lot of changes in our learning environments as iPads are introduced.

While our traditional golden rules for classroom management (the tried-and-true ones that we used to successfully manage classrooms before the introduction of technology) are still critical in our learning environments, there are additional tools that can help teachers to take control of the technology in students' hands.

Last year teachers heavily relied on Casper Focus for this purpose.  This year, Apple Classroom steps in as another classroom management option. Apple Classroom has many of the features of Casper Focus, but it also allows teachers to take a "screen" view of their students while they are at school. This means you can get snapshots of what the students are doing on their screen right on your iPad, without looking over their shoulder.

The beauty is, once you've built your Casper Focus class rosters, you can use both tools! That means you can select the right tool to suit your needs and style.

(As of early September 2016, Apple Classroom is still in an early experimental stage within our district.)

Below are the first steps to getting started with using EITHER of these tools!

Further tutorials for use of Apple Classroom will be coming soon! 

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Casper Focus Course Builder: 

Building a Class List for Classes Scheduled in Infinite Campus

Starting with the 2016/17 school year, if you are building a Casper Focus class list to use with Casper Focus, and if that list is made up of students already scheduled as a rostered class in Infinite Campus, you can use the SDW Intranet Casper Focus tool to automatically create class lists for you. The video below will demonstrate how to use this tool:

Building a Customized Casper Focus List

If you are building a customized Casper Focus class list to use with Casper Focus, but the students are not scheduled in a course in Infinite Campus already, you'll need to log in to Casper (click the name to get to the Casper link) with the following login credentials:

If you are not aware of the password to log in, it is available here. (This is a password protected site for SDW staff.)

This video tutorial will demonstrate how to create customized lists from there:

Editing Your Class List for Casper Focus

Once you have created your class list for use with Casper Focus (or Apple Classroom) you will likely need to change the roster from time-to-time (students leaving class, new students joining class, etc.).  This must be done manually in the Casper interface. The video below demonstrates how to  edit class rosters or add teachers to the roster.

Again, if you are not aware of the password to log in, it is available here. (This is a password protected site for SDW staff.)