Friday, May 27, 2016

SDW Technology Profile Results Available for Spring 2016 Survey

 A few weeks back we completed our Spring 2016 round of the SDW Technology Profile survey.  

This tool has been utilized within our district since mid-2012 and provides a snapshot of the growth and changes we have made related to our beliefs about and uses of technology within the classroom.

The Spring data is our most important data collection point as it provides a picture of our growth in our technology adoption and beliefs for the year.

Results are live now. We encourage you to explore the data and to compare to previous reports to understand the change that has taken place within our system.

You will find the Technology Profile Spring 2016 results for all buildings and for the district here.

Using the Data from the Technology Profile

The most important part of completing this survey is actually using the data that is collected.

This data can tell us an important story about our thoughts, beliefs, and uses of technology.   If we can use this data to help us understand what our strengths and struggles are with technology, we can make a wide variety of decisions. When selecting which technology to utilize to support an instructional practice, we can use this data to determine where a building's strengths and preferences are related to technology.

Why is that important?  

Well, if we determine that using a multimedia tool to support an instructional practice, we can look to our Technology Profile results to see what our building's beliefs and uses are around the Use of Media.  

Wondering about your staff's willingness to try something new or take a risk?  Hearing from some staff that they  feel the network isn't working as regularly as they would prefer, but you are not really sure? Maybe you are wondering if your staff is using the digital tools to collect student assessment data to make instructional planning decisions, but you don't have the data. Perhaps you are considering how to shift to a blended model of instruction, but you are wondering if your staff has a working understanding of Blackboard (the tool you would use to deliver instruction in this model).

All of this information (and more) is available within the SDW Technology Profile. Even better, you can track your progress in relation to this question and you can determine what lasting impact your professional development had on shifting staff beliefs and practices for staff.

As you can see, this information can definitely be useful for a wide variety of stakeholders.