Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Using Bb9 and Google Classroom to Support Workflow

There are two components to managing a digitally workflow in the classroom -- 1) distribution and 2)collection and feedback.

An LMS like Blackboard aids the distribution component of that workflow.  Teachers can easily structure learning resources into lessons.  They can also use a wide variety of tools to support student learning and engage learners with the diverse set of tools available within Blackboard.

A platform like Google Classroom makes quick work of collection and feedback.  Classroom is wonderful at making copies of Google Docs/Sheets/Slides for students.  It is a super fast way to poll students, send quick communications to them, or collect work and provide feedback on that work. The primary weakness of Classroom (at this point) is the inability to truly structure resources into lessons and then diversify who has access to those resources. Blackboard is much better suited to this work and already provides teachers with the ability to do this.

This video demonstrates the strengths of each to help teachers see that both tools are necessary to support the digital workflow in our classroom.

Additionally, this graphic highlights some of the key strengths of each that teachers should take advantage of when planning their digital workflow.