Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Use Nearpod to Structure and Deliver Your Digital Lessons

Wouldn't it be great to actually lead your students through a lesson where each student could see the slides right on their device as you advance through them?

Wouldn't it be even better if you could put activities into the presentation for students to engage with (and be able to see their answers)?

Actually, with 1:1 devices in our classrooms, both are possible and easy to get started with.

Apps like Nearpod (and Socrative...there are others as well) do exactly this.

  1. Create a presentation
  2. Share the presentation with students
  3. Students view the presentation live (with the teacher) or can engage in a self-paced review of the lesson on their own
  4. Collect and review the data
This post is aimed at pointing you to resources that will get you started.

Sign Up for a Nearpod Account:

Only teachers need to create a Nearpod account (there is both a free and a paid will work just fine to get you started).  You can use your district Gmail account to log in, but students will not need to do this.  Sign up here

Nearpod Support Guides

Learning to use Nearpod is fairly straight forward, but you do not have to do it alone!  There are some simple, helpful guides from Nearpod available here.

Nearpod Lessons
One of the greatest things about Nearpod is the ability to download and then alter already made lessons from other teachers/people.  Want to see what is waiting for you?  They are available here.

Give Nearpod a try.

(*We should mention that neither Socrative or Nearpod are presently SDW Core Apps. If you choose to use either app in your classroom, a letter/email to the parents is strongly recommended asking them to install the app and informing them you will be utilizing this tool in your classroom.)

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