Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Free Professional Development: Bb K-12 Innovative Teaching Series

As we dig deeper into the powerful tool set that Blackboard is in our classrooms, it is always helpful to have more resources from which to learn.  Blackboard's increasing support in this regard may be just the answer.  There now offering free professional development this school year called the Innovative Teaching Series.  We encourage you to sign up and learn from the experts that blackboard has scheduled for us to engage with in this endeavor.

Below is the press release put out by Blackboard. Click on the links to register for the series.

Free Professional Development: Bb K-12 Innovative Teaching Series

Sign up for our free, online professional development series, the K-12 Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series, designed to help K-12 educators reimagine education with Blackboard teaching & learning solutions. Our special K-12 series is designed to bring teachers and administrators together to spark conversation around today's classroom challenges and share best practices.

We are pleased to announce that we will be offer professional development certificates for live K-12 Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series attendance.  These certificates can be used to document time spent in the webinar to be used to meet continuing education requirements for professional re-certification. While Blackboard does not have official CE Certificate provider status, our certificates are acceptable for the requirements for many states. 

Each fall and spring we begin a new season of free, weekly training sessions that offer:

  • Strategies to increase educator efficiency
  • Pedagogy to improve student achievement
  • Tips for innovation and creativity in the classroom

Register for one (or all!) of our fall sessions, and get easy access to past sessions.

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