Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Making the Most of the Tools We Do Have

Tonight I'm going to be leading a webinar on the Intel Teach Live series called The Dangers of App Overload.  If you would like to register to join and follow along live, here is the link: https://engage.intel.com/events/1269
Before I write any more, I want to say thank you to Naomi Harm (@naomiharm) and Vanessa Jones (@vkajones) for the opportunity to connect and share tonight.  It is an honor! Thank you for the opportunity.
This blog post below is inspired by my reflection on and preparation for tonight's webinar.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Free PD Right at Home: Find a Google PD Session That Suits Your Needs

Last weekend the Google Education on Air Summit took place.  This free, powerful, and energizing PD opportunity had many powerful ideas from educators using these tools to with students.

Did you miss it?  Don't fret -- the beauty of technology is that these types of learning opportunities are on-demand and accessible at a time and place that works best for you!

For the Adventurous Soul

If you are a choose your own adventure fan, you might like to just Click here to find the full run down of topics for both day one and day two.
review the whole schedule and find sessions of great value to your professional practice.
(*Hint: After clicking the link, you may need to scroll down the page to see the full lineup of sessions.)

I'd Prefer a Recommendation

If you are the type of person that won't eat at a restaurant until you uncover at least two positive recommendations, let us provide you with a few recommendations for the online conference. We've prepared a short list of recommended videos cued up to just the point where the learning heats up.

Google Forms for Assessment and Communication

Presentation by Oli Trussell

Creating and Using YouTube Playlist

Presentation by Norm Peckham

Beyond Genius Hour: Empowering Students All Day

Moderated by Jennie Magiera

The Best of Both Worlds: Google Apps for the iPad

Moderated by Kasey Bell


We will post additional high quality resources from the Education on Air conference in future blog posts.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Proudly Announcing SDW Staff Member and Apple Distinguished Educator Kathy Miller

We have a big announcement to share with the SDW Staff and the community of Waukesha.

 Kathy Miller, an instructor at the Waukesha Transition Academy, has been selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator for the Class of 2015.

The Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) program is a highly selective program that honors educators who have made meaningful use of technology, coupled with high quality instructional practices, in their classrooms to transform their students' educational experiences.

We asked Kathy to guest blog this week and share a bit more about herself, about being selected for this honor, and about what she is doing in her classroom with technology.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Back to Basics: Intentional Classroom Management to Reduce Digital Distraction

Technology can break down walls.  Technology can add efficiency.  Technology can remove restrictions and limitations. Technology can change the way we teach and the way students learn.

At the same time, for all the benefit that technology can provide, it can also introduce new challenges, dilemmas, and downfalls.

Like anything, as professionals we have to accept the good with the bad, take advantage of the best it can offer, and learn to manage the challenges.
Courtesy of NEA Today

One of the most common concerns teachers raise related to Waukesha One and the introduction of personalized learning tools is digital distraction.  That categorization fits many different symptoms.

  • Students unfocused due to messaging on the iPad/phone.
  • Students unfocused due to gaming on the iPad.
  • Students watching videos/movies on the iPad.
  • Students hiding what they are doing on their iPad/closing apps when teacher walks by.
  • Students unable to stay on task when given work time -- doing something "unproductive" on the iPad.
There are many other symptoms that fit this category.

While there is no silver bullet solution to end digital distraction, one of the most proactive ways for teachers to diminish digital distraction is through intentional and consistent classroom management.

Following are some suggestions to consider putting in place in your classroom.