Sunday, January 25, 2015

When Educators Share...

The One Conference has wrapped up, but the learning taken from it certainly has not.  And that was and is, after all, the whole point of professional development days like this -- informing and positively impacting instructional practice.

How do I know, though? If the flurry of emails I received from SDW staff this weekend is any indicator, I'm pretty certain the day brought awareness to new tools, ideas, and practices.  Many requests for me to share links to tools, requests for passwords and license keys, and clarification on where to find follow-up resources.  All signs to me that learning that was sparked on Friday continued for many throughout the weekend.

It solidifies for me a belief that I have long held.  When educators openup, when we embrace the idea that we have something to teach our colleagues as well as our students, and when we do what we do best -- take people where they are at and aim to help them move forward -- we can inspire and positively impact our friends and colleagues who teach next door and across town.

Thank you to all who shared what you have learned in your journey thus far on Friday. Thank you to all who sat attentively and engaged in the conversations and sessions you attended.  It was a marvelous day.  However, the resources that made that day so valuable, so special, are fortunately within reach every day if we are willing to connect, to ask, and to share. It's amazing what can happen when we do!