Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Force Students/Staff to Make a Copy of a Google Doc!

How many times have you sent students (or staff...) a Google doc that you need them to make a copy of, only to have them skip that step and the original doc gets edited, changed, or deleted altogether?

Well, worry no more!  Google has now added the ability for you, as the sender/sharer of a Google doc, spreadsheet or slides presentation to force the receiver to make a copy of the item you are sharing with them.  When the receiver clicks the link to open the doc, they automatically are taken to a screen that prompts them to make a copy; they will never see or access the original doc/sheet/presentation.  Yahoo!

Check out Alice Keeler's Teacher Tech website below for the directions on using this feature in Google docs, sheets, presentations or drawings!

*Note: as shown in the website example above, when you get the shareable link, replace only the word "edit" in the link with the word "copy", all other character(s) following the word edit need to stay as-is/are.

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