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Conference Highlights for The One Conference - January 23, 2015

The One Conference Update - January 23, 2015 
Planning for The One Conference is in full motion and it is going to be a day focused on celebrations and learning!

Here are some of the highlights of the day to announce thus far!

One Conference Website
The One Conference website has officially launched.  It is CONSTANTLY under construction as we add session information, details about the day, and schedules.  Check back often! Session descriptions will arrive some time in early January.

You can visit the site here:

Inspiring Keynote Speakers
The  keynote speakers for the One Conference will share big ideas and push us to explore new concepts!

Setting the tone for the morning, Molly Schroeder, an educator, educational technology leader and thinker, will inspire us by teaching us what it means to "live in beta."

Mid-day, Troy Hicks, an instructor, writer, and digital learning advocate, will further our focus and discussion surrounding literacy while sharing his thoughts on amplifying student voices in writing in a digital age.

Conference Schedule
The One Conference is designed with learning in mind.  The morning Explore Something New sessions are intended to expose staff to new tools and ideas.  The longer afternoon Let's Do This session are aimed at giving staff hands-on time to try out the tools.  The goal of both is to encourage learning that leads to SDW staff committing to trying at least one new tech-infused tool, technique, or strategy with students yet this school year.

Interested in taking a look at the structure of the One Conference and the day's schedule.  It's available online here.

Participating Business Partners
Throughout the day staff members will have access to key business partners, providers of some of the tools available to students and staff, for the purpose of asking questions, giving feedback, developing relationships, and learning.  We are pleased to announce that at this time representatives from these companies have committed to being on site on January 23 to work with you.
  • Blackboard
  • Casper (launching new teacher-focused iPad management tool called Casper Focus)
  • Discovery Education

Rock Star Teacher Stage
We want to celebrate the important, innovative, and inspiring work our staff does every day with students.  The Rock Star Teacher Stage will feature short talks throughout the day from nominated SDW staff members.  The focus is sharing their craft, their habits, their successes and failures, and their story in order to motivate, encourage, and teach all of us.  Stop by the Rock Star Teacher Stage throughout the day to hear these stories and to support your colleagues as they take their place in the spotlight!

We are so excited to spend this day of learning with all of you!  It is going to be a special event.

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