Monday, November 10, 2014

Tutorial: Successfully Sharing a Google Doc from an iPad

In the School District of Waukesha, we LOVE Google Apps for Education!  We also LOVE iPads!  

However, sometimes the two key players who develop these amazing tools, Google and Apple, don't always meet our love and adoration with the grace and respect they should.  In fact, sometimes they make it downright difficult (or at least annoying) to use the products simultaneously to do the important work of teaching and learning.

Some folks have identified that the sharing of Google Docs from the iPad while using the Google Docs app has led to some disappointing results.  The doc cannot be widely shared publicly.  It can be shared with individuals, but the share settings cannot be changed to share more widely.  In a world where our teachers and students have two different domains, this can be problematic.

Mark Anderson, a Social Studies teacher from West High School, has been troubleshooting with his students and has provided a brief tutorial video that unveils a proven method for sharing Google Docs widely from an iPad.  Thanks, Mark, for your willingness to share and teach us.

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