Friday, November 7, 2014

Clean Up the YouTube Videos You Share Using SafeShare.TV

Sick of the clutter that surrounds your instructional YouTube videos?

Concerned about the appropriateness of the suggested videos that
will appear at the end of a YouTube video?

We may have found a tool that's just right for you!

YouTube is amazing, powerful, and truly our recommended "go to" for sharing and displaying video in our district.  It's hard to imagine anything that can make sharing, uploading, editing, viewing, and customizing video any easier.  Most of us love the ease of use of YouTube.  However, we sometimes have to take the good with the less desirable.  Ads and suggested videos that are just inappropriate for our purpose as educators can be a downer on an otherwise very valuable service.

Perhaps it is possible to get the best of both worlds.

A service called allows you to paste the video's URL into the service.  From there it will generate a link for that video.  It eliminates the clutter that can appear on the outside of the video (which is often annoying and sometimes inappropriate).  It also eliminates the suggested videos that pop up after viewing a video, which can also be distracting and undesirable.  Finally, users can also customize the title of the video (as it appears on the link page), the background for the video, and can indicate what part of the video to play (custom start and end times for the video -- no need to show the whole 10 minutes when only 3 are needed for the instructional purpose).

While there is no embed code (this is a downfall compared to the embed code that is available from YouTube), it does generate a link that can be shared with students/parents, placed in Blackboard, or housed online for your desired audience to access.

Here is a look at a YouTube video that has been "cleaned up" using the SafeShare.TV tool.

Click to follow the link:

*By  the way, the video is an introduction to iBooks Author, a powerful tool available to all SDW staff on a MacBook.  Check it out.  It is an amazing tool that will help engage students, improve the ability of students to comprehend what they read, and allow students to meaningfully annotate text in a tactile, organized, and exciting way!

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