Friday, October 24, 2014

Connected Educators

October is Connected Educator Month...

October has been a great month for me allowing me to get into classrooms rolling out iPads with students and staff. It has been an extremely busy month. It wasn't until earlier this week that I realized how busy I had really been. I use Google+ and Twitter social networking sites as a part of my Professional Learning Network (PLN). Since school started I have been woefully lacking in time spent on my PLN, as can happen when life gets busy.

One night this week I found myself with 20 minutes of time. I logged into my Twitter account and refused to be overwhelmed by the number of posts I have missed. I just started at the top and checked out what I could in the time I had available. In just a very short period of time I found several fabulous ideas for using iPads in the classroom, a few new tricks for Google apps, and a big reminder for me that I NEED to find time to learn from others! It didn't take a great deal of time, I was able to do it in my pajamas and slippers and I was quickly reminded that their are others out there that share my passion for technology and learning who are willing to share some of their very best ideas.

So if you haven't started a PLN yet, October still has a week left. Take one small step to connect yourself to others. It can be as simple as activating your Google+ account, a part of our Google Apps for Education package or sign-up for a Twitter account and begin following some of your fellow educators.
No matter how you decide to start your Professional Learning Network you should find some great ideas for your classrooms. Already have a PLN? Spend some time nurturing that connection! It served as a big reminder to me how important it is to be connected to others that share our passions...

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