Thursday, February 6, 2014

Waukesha One Core Apps

One of the keys to success to Waukesha One will be/was the strategic selection of “Core Apps”  These Core Apps met a multitude of criteria when we looked at adopting a set of apps for all teachers and all students in the School District of Waukesha.  The Core Apps are intended to be apps that can work with students in all classes and ages in a K-12 environment.

One of the most important aspects of the core apps includes the ability to connect to Google Drive.  Google Apps for Education are one of the key components to efficient and quality technology integration and for a simplified workflow.  In selecting core apps for students and teachers, a connection to Google Drive is a critical attribute. 

Each app that is offered in Apple’s App Store also has age requirements.  These requirements give parents and schools and idea on the appropriateness of an app as it relates to age of the user (student). A key tenet of Waukesha One is encouraging our families to partner with us as it relates to the use and selection of technology. As professionals we must pay close attention to details such as age appropriateness of apps/resources selected, as it sends a clear message to our families that we are aware of what is in their son/daughter's best interest technologically.

Finally, we as educators need to be very aware of students and creating accounts for apps.  The Core Apps for Waukesha One DO NOT demand that students create any new account.  If students need to sign into an account the hope is that they can use their district issued Google Apps for Education account. This is both for convenience and for the security of a student's personal information.

So what gives?  Why are you writing this post now?

Waukesha One is bringing on several new schools during the month’s of February and March.  It is important that parents, administrators, teachers, and students at these newly added schools understand the mission of Waukesha One, and that educators at our existing Waukesha One schools continue to hold to recognize and hold true to the mission to increase student learning in an environment that is technology rich, but that the emphasis is on student skills and creation.  Becoming reliant on Apps is not the goal, but allowing for a more personalized approach to education that demands student show what they know and learn becomes the emphasis and focus.