Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New SDW Blog with an Elementary Focus from Blair Staff

We love to see people sharing their journey with others.  It is the truest form of professional growth and meaningful collaboration one can experience.  Blogging is one method of sharing that journey and the lessons learned along the way.  Whenever we hear about another SDW teacher or team of teachers, as is the case today, sharing their thoughts with the world, we love to be able to pass that along and help them grow their audience (and give our readers another place to find SDW specific teacher practices).

Some friends from Blair Elementary shared their newest blogging ventures with us today.  Here is their announcement.  We encourage you to follow them and add it to your list of resources.

Innovative Friends & Colleagues!

Our Blair 40/40 Project Team of Garrett Sheskey, Alyssa Szybist Lynn Rice & I are pleased to launch a new venture for you!

We have created a blog & Twitter to update you on some of the latest tech tools and also some instructional practices that we find effective for integrating innovative strategies. With a ton of resources out there, I'm sure you're thinking "this is just one more" - and you would be correct.

HOWEVER, with our awesome collaboration of educators at different grade levels, points in their career, and even specialized subject areas between math, music, literacy, bilingual education and technology integration, it's a great start to find resources to engage YOUR learners in any classroom!

Please follow us at our blog and on Twitter, and comment/dialogue with us about any questions, reflections, or other feedback you might have!

@WeTech4You (Twitter)

Tracy Garon
Music Teacher
Blair Elementary