Thursday, January 30, 2014

Aw Snap: Is Google Docs Continually Shutting Down?

If Google Docs seems to keep "shutting down" or closing out as you use it, or if you keep getting that dreaded "Aw Snap" warning in Chrome while using Google Docs, there might be a solution available that will get Docs up and running properly.

Too many fonts in your Google Docs will slow down
Google Docs and cause performance issues until removed.
Recently Google provided a font library to users to allow them to select custom fonts for use in Google Docs.  A welcomed addition by many, some users have added many of these custom fonts to their available drop-down list.  When users overload the custom font list (more than 9 or 10 custom fonts seems to be the magic number), it errors out and produces the "Aw Snap" page in Chrome.

This will continually happen until the user manually goes into the Font menu in Google Docs and deletes most of the fonts from the list (specifically the custom fonts, although it is difficult to know which those are).

Testing to date has demonstrated that this is the solution to getting your Google Docs back into fully functional working shape!

As cool as those nifty little fonts are, remember, everything is better in moderation.

Monday, January 6, 2014

An Opportunity for Learning Ready When You Are!

One of the most powerful advantages and luxuries of the Internet is the ability to find just what you need when you need it.  The trick is knowing where to find it.

The Instructional Technologies Coordinator team has been busily building a learning platform for SDW staff to be able to learn to meaningfully utilize the wide variety of new technological tools at our disposal.  The goals for these instructional resources have been clear.  They need to be readily accessible whenever a teacher may need to access the resources, they must be robust enough to assist a wide variety of staff members at various levels, and they must be easy to access.

These resources, while always growing and morphing, are available today and just waiting for you to dig in and start your own personalized professional development.  The beauty of it all is that they are easy to access and accessible anywhere, any time!

We challenge you to begin or continue your professional development journey by exploring these resources.  They are spread out in several key areas.

To start your journey, aim at this website:  There you'll find links to our YouTube site, which is full of playlists and instructional videos that SDW staff will find valuable, links to our PD page, and links to the district help site and even this blog.  

We also have directions to access our Blackboard courses, which is an important resource in our anytime, anywhere professional development model.  We do have many resources available within Blackboard.  You'll find everything from learning to use the iPad and the MacBook to learning a wide variety of the Google tools and getting complete vanguard training resources.  These courses are set up for self-enrollment.  Here are the directions for enrolling in the course:

We encourage you to personally dig into these resources, but we also encourage you to share the resources with colleagues.  We need your help in spreading the word about these valuable resources!