Monday, November 18, 2013

App Launcher Customizer for Chrome Browser

The 3x3 grid icon (middle) is Google's,
App Launcher.  It replaces the black bar
previously utilized to jump between apps.
Since the disappearance of that beloved Black Bar in Google, a number of teachers have called and emailed asking if there is any way to customize Google's replacement tool named the "App Launcher."

Sunday night (through a recommendation on Twitter) I found a cool little Chrome app that allows me to customize the App Launcher.

It is called the App Launcher Customizer for Google.  While the name could be just a bit more creative, its functionality serves its name proudly!  It does exactly what you would think it should -- customize the Google App Launcher.  Of course, you have to be using the Chrome browser to utilize the app, but a quick install and you'll be off and running.

Once installed, you really can customize the Launcher to suit your needs.


Here is an image of the typical 3x3 App Launcher Google provides.


Here is my updated App Launcher using the App Launcher Customizer for Google app (again, only works in Chrome).

Notice that I have additional non-Google links
available.  Also, notice that it breaks the 3x3 grid model.