Tuesday, October 1, 2013

SDW Technology Integration YouTube Channel

Maybe you've missed it.  Maybe you've forgotten about it.  Either way, we want to introduce (or reintroduce) our SDW staff members to another way to learn how to use technology in the classroom.

We encourage everybody to take some time to look through our SDW Tech Integration channel on YouTube.  We are curating playlists and putting together some of our own videos to assist our staff in making the best use of the tools available to us.

Here is just a quick rundown on some of things you'll find there.

Blackboard Playlist:  Learn some of the tips and tricks for using Blackboard in your classroom.

Google Apps Playlist:  We are putting together the best resources we can find to help our staff put this amazing set of tools to use in interesting ways.

Quick Technology Tips for All Playlist: Created by Google employees, this playlist focuses on quick tech tips that will help users to be more efficient in using computers by answering basic questions and teaching computing shortcuts.

SAMR - A Model for Professional Growth with Technology Playlist: The SAMR Model for Professional Growth identifies the process an educator goes through as they learn to use technology, and provides an overview of how educational practice transforms with the use of technology.  Only a few videos present today, but an important concept to familiarize yourself with.

There are several rich playlists listed on our YouTube channel that seem to have no videos available to them.  This is primarily because the content on these playlists is for the use of our instructional staff only.  As a result, in order to see the videos on those playlists, we encourage staff members to log in to Blackboard (http://bb9.waukesha.k12.wi.us).  Once logged in, staff members will see a "Staff" icon in the upper right.  Clicking on that icon will provide directions on logging in to our training courses in Blackboard.  This is where you will find videos on topics such as using iPads, learning OSX (Mac), etc.  We encourage you to enroll in those courses as there is a wealth of information available for you there.