Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Understanding the Growth Model of Technology Integration - SAMR

Let's agree to this simple statement:

When technology is both meaningfully used and "invisible" in the classroom (technology is not the focus or primary point of emphasis), it has been seamlessly integrated successfully.

The point is not that technology exists in the classroom.  The point is that the teacher has planned instructional delivery and learning activities in such a way that the technology becomes a useful assistant for teaching and learning.  That is where gains in student achievement will be realized!

For some educators, seamless integration is happening today.  For others, it is mission impossible.  Realizing that every educator is at a unique comfort level with technology, it is critical to understand that adoption and integration of technology is a process, a journey for each individual, not something that just magically happens.

Enter the SAMR model.  This is a technology adoption/integration model that is being organically shared across the district.  It is a model that recognizes technology adoption is a growth process, that helps educators pinpoint where they generally are on the SAMR continuum, that provides a vision of what growth can look like, and can even be used to individually plan and set stretch goals. As schools demonstrate readiness for Waukesha One and are selected, the SAMR model will be introduced as a critical component for understanding readiness and growth.

With that said, North's Kristin Kamenar has written a wonderful overview of the SAMR model with a reflective analysis of each level or stage of SAMR.  I will allow her words and perspective to inform your further on SAMR.  Spot on, Kristin!