Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Could Waukesha One Look Like in Your Classroom?

One of the most difficult positions anybody can be in is to be asked to do something entirely new without being able to visualize or imagine what it is he or she is being asked to do.

Waukesha One, with an emphasis on personalized learning, readily accessible technology for students and teachers, new workflows for assigning, distributing, and collecting student work, multiple pathways to demonstrate learning outcomes, and the lot of other concepts it embodies, is a distinctly different educational system and experience than anything most adults (and older students) have ever experienced in our lives.  For us, the traditional (or legacy) educational system has become so deeply ingrained in our very fabric that we struggle to imagine something different.  And if we can imagine it, we wonder about its impact on kids, its overall effectiveness, and its legitimacy.

As we stumble upon living examples of new educational paradigms, our goal will be to share them.  For many of us, the emphasis has to be on creating a new vision of what is possible in an educational setting before we can begin to plan for or implement it.

This video, from the Alliance for Excellent Education, posted on  February 13, 2012, begins to frame a legitimate, well examined version of what educational practice can look like as we begin to embrace the digital resources and instructional tools and practices that are available to us today.  Your thoughts and comments are welcomed!