Friday, February 15, 2013

Recorded webinars on YouTube, Google tools, and more

On Digital Learning Day, which was February 6th, the SDW ITC team hosted an 8 hour "Digital Learning Day Webinar-a-thon" focused on easy-to-use technology integration strategies and tools.

And yes, it was as cool as it sounds.

Those sessions were recorded and are available for on-demand playback any time that suits you.  Spend a Saturday morning in your pajamas with us as you learn something hip and exciting that may give you some new ideas in working with your students.  Or maybe you are more of a night owl type -- that's fine, they are available whenever you want.

And the best part?  If you already know plenty about the topics being covered, you can walk away without fear of hurting the presenter's feelings!\.  If you need the presenter to slow down or to repeat something, just pause and replay as much as you need.

So, just give it a try.  If you've never used an on-demand webinar before, it's time.

As always, when the webinar is over, if you have questions or would like to learn more, you can contact any of the Instructional Technologies Coordinators (Brian Yearling, Wendy Liska, and Jim Gonyo) and we can set a time to go through the topic in greater depth with you.

View recordings of webinars presented to 
SDW staff on Digital Learning Day - 2013!