Friday, January 18, 2013

Waukesha One - Readying Your Building and Practice

Recently the School District of Waukesha internally announced four schools selected to be in the initial implementation (wave one) of Waukesha One, the district's branding of its emphasis on a personalized learning experiences for every student.

While the concept is a proposal still awaiting board approval, the announcement marks a key focus for the district -- tailoring instruction to the needs of every student.  Additionally, it is critical to understand that the personalization of learning, a core tenet of Waukesha One, is not restricted to the first schools that may be selected to receive technology to assist in this work.  Preparing your building and professional practice for customized learning began for all schools years ago, and continues as we gain a clearer vision of what personalized learning can/does look like.

A clear reverberation of this stated focus is centered around the logistics of making personalized learning both feasible and manageable for the learners and the instructors.  The infusion of technology into this model will be critical for the mass customization of learning.

In this transition, there are many elements of consideration a school staff and administrator must address as they work to personalize learning for all students -- the vision of Waukesha One.

Project RED, a non-profit organized to transform education through the exploration of instructional technology, has recently developed a series of webinars that administrators/staff members may wish to utilize to start the conversation specifically as it relates to the integration of technology into the Waukesha One personalized learning plan.

For teacher leaders, administrators, and staff members interested in exploring how to implement 1:1 technology to support personalized learning, take some time to explore the webinars.  While the webinars are not aimed specifically at Waukesha One, there are many valuable take-aways that can really fuel the focus on the critical elements of Waukesha One in your building and practice.

To view the webinars, visit our SDW professional  page Webinars for Waukesha One Implementation by Project RED.

As a reminder, if you are looking for professional development and training resources on some of the "big rocks" that the district has invested in, we encourage you to visit our SDW Online Professional Development Center.  A great resource to use for that any time, any place learning model we hope our staff and students will have an opportunity to utilize.