Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Google Chrome Tip: Multiple User Accounts

I hate the hassle (and yes I realize that hassle is a relative term) of logging out of and back into Gmail/Google to switch between my work and personal Google accounts.  Google Chrome has a valuable feature that has alleviated my frustration and given me added moments in my day.

It's called the Multiple User feature in Chrome.  Basically, it allows the user to quickly switch between Google accounts in different browser windows without necessarily having to log into or out of any of the accounts.  Pretty slick, huh?  And a nifty little icon helps you easily switch between the two without confusion.  A word of advice about those icons -- think through your icon selection.  Your students will see this.  Are you going to be a stealthy ninja icon, a faceless blue icon of mystery, or a warm, snuggly animal.  This is an important decision... choose wisely (although they can always be changed).

I'm going to post a video tutorial walking you through the process of doing this, but for those of you who prefer written directions, here's a link to Google's tutorial on doing this:

Here is my YouTube tutorial for those of you who are auditory/visual learners:

Some other really nice features.  Each user account maintains your bookmarks for that user, maintains any Google Chrome apps for that user, and keeps a unique history for that user.  Oh, and when you log on to another computer with Chrome and sign in with that account, it carries that data with you.  Of course, that's the beauty of Chrome anyhow, so you probably have already experienced that.

Awesome little tool that just might improve your workflow, save you some frustration, and regain precious time.  Hey, over the course of a lifetime, saved moments add up!