Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A little more room to work in Google Docs

As screen gets smaller and our tool set of add-ons and apps grows (especially in our browser window), the battle for screen "real estate" is on.  Teachers need room to design digital content.  Nowhere is this more true than in Google Docs/Apps, where the tool bar takes up 1/8th of the screen, the title of a doc another 1/8th, the margins eat up more room on each side, and suddenly we have no place left to design and craft a message.

This tip, which I stumbled upon on Richard Byrne's blog  Free Tech for Teachers (definitely worth your time to peruse), shows a new feature from Google that will win a small battle in reclaiming some of that screen space.  Richard's blog article below:

MONDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2012One Click Yields More Room to Work in Google DocsIf you're like me and you frequently work on a laptop or netbook there are probably some moments when you wish for more screen space. Beginning today if you're using Google Documents and want a little more room to view your pages, you can make that space appear with just one click. In the upper, right corner of your screen you will now see an option for "compact mode" in each of your Google Documents. Click the compact mode arrows to collapse the formatting menu and receive about an inch of more space to work in your documents. Below you will see some screenshots showing you where to find the compact mode arrows.

Click to view full size.

Click to view full size.